A must-read, for everyone who has that never-ending flow of ideas, but nothing to show for.

1% ideation 99% perspiration.

Thanks Lesther!

Coincidentally @pj010 sent me this NY Times article. Good read.

This year Interbrand’s annual Best Brands report is back. With a vengeance.

No ‘embedded’ pdf’s or some other clumsy solution, but an actual thought through user experience. And of course tons of useful content.

SPOILER: Coca-cola is #1 again.

Check it out here

Lately, I’ve been feeling like a kid in a candy store. The tools we have at our disposal to make awesome stuff happen is simply mind-boggling. My picks this week?

We have Sinatra, a Ruby framework to make a webservice in a handful of lines. Next up is Heroku, a rock-solid free and scaling webhosting service for Ruby apps. And last but not least Twilio; the awesome webservice for connecting the web with traditional phone and texting services. 

Click here to get something up and running in (less than) 5 minutes.

Tinker away!

LG recently asked Perfect Fools to create a fresh and innovative new way of reinforcing the notion that the best things in life are even better in 3D. The result is ‘LG 3D Studio,’ an experimental platform set up to explore new possibilities of 3D experience. While ‘3D Newsfeed’ is the first in a series of LG 3D Studio creations, the brand is actively encouraging feedback and ideas for future experiments via the app and their Facebook page.

Shot and edited by: Cye Wong-Loi-Sing & Oscar Asmoarp